Chamber Music

I love meeting in the small and close circle of only a few musicians – bonding, connecting, creating and allowing the music come to life. I love being in equality and respect for each other and the composition; being individually present and yet open to meet in the shared goal of creating something bigger than ourselves.

This openness to meet and create in togetherness allows for mesmerizing moments to happen. It begins in the privateness of rehearsals. This process of engaging, experimenting, finding is purely magical. The more involved the individual musician, the more the magical outpouring.
This is the foundation for the magic to then flow over to the listener during performances.

I love to gather high level and experienced colleagues for chamber music performances – all like-minded and striving for the goal of creating magic amongst us and inviting the audience into this space for a beyond musical, abundant, and memorable experience.

Private concert with saxophonist Edgar Unterkirchner in a small chapel in the mountains of Austria

String Quartet ‚Fin de Siècle’

It is said that string quartet is the Queen of all chamber musical disciplines.

There is truth to it – specifically the later works of string music compositions.

It is something about the equality of four musicians, each with his/hers very individual voice needing to be undeniably present, while forming a common entity and whole.

This is true art. I feel a deep passion for this art.

That is why I co-founded my string quartet ‚Fin de Siècle‘. We meet even beyond this goal of art – we share our very unique passion for performance practice of the late 19th/early 20th century European style. Back then, only pure gut strings were used and the taste of beauty in music was very different from our current times. It is a fulfilling journey to be taking on the challenges that come with diving into this material. The rewards are immeasurable and our understanding of the performance style, and therefore the music of that time, grows beyond our high level training.

We love to share the experiences of our journey with audiences in concert where we put composers and compositions into a personal and historical context. Our concerts are, on multiple levels, historically informed performances.

Watch ‚Fin de Siècle‘: Maurice Ravel, String Quartet F-major, second movement

‘Fin de Siècle’ in concert, concert series First Church Nashua, NH