The Alzheimer’s Project

During a time when everything stood still due to the pandemic, I spoke to a dear friend of mine who loved going to concerts. She missed the live music and personal interactions with people. And I missed playing my violin live for others.

At that time, my friend’s husband was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease already at an advanced stage. But, he too had loved attending concerts and would come to my recitals when he still was able to. So, I offered to play for them both. I wanted to see how my playing would be perceived by a person who does not recognize his family, his wife, or himself anymore – a person with whom conversation is not possible anymore.
We gave it a try. I experimented with different genres of music. I visited him on a weekly basis.

And I discovered the miracle of Music.
Music engages and Music opens doors.

I was taught by a man whose disease didn’t allow him to consciously connect anymore. Music played in the presence of Love acts like an invitation to engage. If the invitation is accepted, there is non-verbal communication. No words are needed. One can be humming along, singing along, moving fingers and waving arms, and tapping their feet as a reaction to my invitation through my violin playing. There may even be dancing, if the person is still capable of it. And most special of all: there is the opportunity to connect through the eyes.
This is a sacred moment. A moment of healing – a moment the loved one will never forget. Watching and witnessing your beloved coming back to life and connect despite the advanced state of the disease is immeasurable.

And this is a moment the beloved might not forget either. When done on a regular basis, a person with severe memory loss gets the opportunity to repeatedly experience the deep touch of music, the Love offered, and the feeling of connection on a level that goes beyond the disease. The person might remember what it means when I come with my violin and play. The musical part in the brain will be the last one to go with Alzheimer’s disease, and there is always the chance for the person to accept the offer and engage through the message transported in my music playing.

Music played in the presence of Love always reaches.
Music played in the presence of Love can bring moments of deep healing for everyone involved.

It is the most sacred form of music making I have ever done.

I offer different packages of private sessions on my violin with carefully selected pieces.

Just me and my violin. Just for you and your loved one.

These are private one-one sessions for the patient in case the family might be unable to participate. It gives the family a great sense of peace knowing their loved one is taken care for during their absence.

I encourage highly for the loved ones to be present during sessions. Witnessing the interaction, or participating actively when invited will be a memory forever cherished.
These sessions are meant for the patient and their immediate family.

These are sessions where I invite dear friends to attend a family session. Sometimes also close friends long to re-connect with their beloved friend in an intimate and warm setting. Serving up to 4 participants.

I also offer group sessions for up to 8 participants. These are sessions either for one group of patients, or the patients participating may be joined by family and friends. The Sessions are interactive and a wonderful opportunity to meet other patients and their loved ones. These Sessions usually are held in a Memory Care Facility.

Each private Session is about one hour and includes a playing time of about 30-45minutes which is highly personalized.
My very first visit will be a shorter visit of about 30min and free of charge. I will bring my violin and play for about 10-15minutes. This initial visit helps to determine how the music is perceived and whether or not to move forward in this work.
Serving the greater Boston area.