The Healing Violin

‘You are not only playing the music,
you are giving the gift of music. In a very loving way.’

(A.B., client)

Music reaches deeply
Music enables connection
Music played in the presence of Love offers moments of deep healing

These are moments of immeasurable experiences…

With my Healing Violin, I offer music played in the presence of Love for people in need, people in emotional distress, people who are not able to communicate or connect anymore, and people who are in a coma or coming out of surgery.

My playing is highly personalized and the person I serve determines my playing. Needs might change from one moment to the next and I adapt accordingly. My gentle and calm nature combined with a high sensitivity to energy and accomplished skills on the violin allow me to respond to the finest nuances of shift or change in energy of the person in front of me. With my violin I respond to what is needed at that particular moment. The sound might change, the intensity, or the emotion of my playing adjusts in the finest nuances within the blink of an eye. This is all about the person in need. It is all about what the person needs in order to be able to perceive and accept the offer to connect.

Music played with immeasurable emotion always touches.
Music played in the presence of Love always reaches.

It is my deep honor to serve those in need.