‘Farewell’ recital for and with pianist Bill Merrill, Nahant, MA

Playing with one musical partner is a wonderful intimate affair. There is a lot of back and forth, discussing and agreeing, sharing and exchanging. From delicate stillness to explosions of emotions. All without words, spoken in the language of music.

There is the composition itself – the notes written on paper, already expressing the composers mind and heart. And then there is the moment when the notes on paper are brought to life by two musicians‘ partnering, engaging with each other through the music, and opening a space for the audience to participate in silence. Either witnessing or allowing themselves to be included into this most intimate musical space in time.

These moments are deeply enjoyable, even in the darkest of emotions, and I love sharing them with the audience.

All of my recitals have a theme, the chosen music connected and a story to be told.

Some recital programs …

For my most passionate recital series, ‚The Brahms Trilogy‘, please connect here.