Ensemble Leadership

‘Katharina is not only a brilliant performer, but her leadership skills extend way beyond the stage. She is always respectful, kind, patient, and it’s always a joy to have her in the ensemble. LCO is extremely fortunate to have her as concertmaster.’
Orlando Cela, Music Director, Lowell Chamber Orchestra

How fulfilling it is to be part of a large, creative, coherent whole!

Playing in an ensemble and creating music together is indescribably beautiful and magical.

We as musicians live for it – this magic – coming alive through connection created during music making, in the process of rehearsing and in the moment of sharing the experience with an audience. The more connection there is in a group, the more the music will thrive and be received as a magical moment by the listener.

My job as ensemble leader and concertmaster is to create a space in which connection is made possible – connection between the conductor and the musicians, and also between the persons in the ensemble, which then resonates with the audience. This connection is based on equality, respect, openness and the shared love for the greater goal. This is the soil on which magic and greatness can grow. In this space, we all connect through music, and the listener will hear and experience this connection.

I love creating and inviting my colleagues into that space, and when we are all in it, music making becomes a magical experience.

‘Katharina has been the concertmaster of the Lowell Chamber Orchestra (LCO) since the orchestra’s second season. She is a fantastic violinist who is able to play to the best of her abilities under any circumstance – playing in an opera pit, in a recital hall with a large ensemble, etc. She can play music from any time period equally amazingly and she is a natural leader, always guiding not only her section, but the entire orchestra.’
Orlando Cela, Music Director, Lowell Chamber Orchestra