People in Need

Aside from my profound passion – ‘The Healing Violin’ – playing one-on-one for persons with severe memory loss, I also love to serve people in need. This includes people suffering from depression, people who are not consciously receptive (such as in a coma or waking up post-op), or for people in hospice.

I also love playing for smaller groups of up to five people. Depending on the situation, these are 30-60 minute, one time serenades and are either concert-style or therapeutic in nature.

As with my ‘The Healing Violin’ work, I always discuss what is needed with potential clients beforehand in order for me to evaluate what type of playing will be best suited.

‘Katharina first performed for the residents of Goddard House in September 2020. Both her music and personality were a breath of fresh air after the first several months of the pandemic. Katharina chooses pieces that are familiar and comforting, and plays the violin in a gentle, soothing manner. Residents often sing or hum along. Katharina has a very warm, calm personality, is pleasant to work with, and is happy to spend time connecting with residents in conversation following the music. The residents always request for her to return!’

Rebecca Margolin, EnrichedLIFE Director at Goddard House, Assisted Living & Memory Support, Boston

Jules Massenet, Meditation from Thaïs