Concert Violinist

Music is my profession
The violin is my passion
Connecting in the presence of Love is my destiny

My first violin teacher gave me the most precious gift.

She would always have all of her students, from the very beginner to the most advanced, play and perform together. My eight-year-old beginner self would stand amongst these seemingly unreachably skilled new violinist friends, just barely able to move the bow in the right spot, more like scratching rather than playing the open strings.

And yet, something beautiful and indescribably wonderful happened – we all made music together! And I was part of it.

I was mesmerized and enchanted, seeing sparkles all around and having chills all over. I could feel invisible bonds connecting my new friends and me, and I was filled with blissful joy and pure Love. To the eight year old – making music felt magical beyond this world.

Because of these very first experiences, I chose music as my profession.

I love to create a space where we connect on a deep level whenever I make music, may it be during rehearsals, or performances. To me, making music is more than playing it and striving for the highest quality. Music reaches an entirely different level when we all, musicians and the audience, open ourselves up to these invisible bonds – the exchange of energy which happens in the process. Music is the tool, the musicians the instruments. If we open ourselves up, this energy is recognized as something greater and higher than us. If we allow ourselves to engage emotionally by stepping into this space, deep emotions are touched. We feel Love and loved. We feel connected to a deep place within and beyond – in this space healing is possible. This is when Divine Love bonds musicians, explodes through music, and showers over an audience.

I love creating and allowing for this space. And now, as a professional violinist, I know how to guide my bow in the perfect spot!

Music is my profession and the violin my passion.
Connecting in the presence of Love is my destiny.