It is my deep pleasure to speak about my passion of serving others with ‘The Healing Violin‘. In my talks I share about my experience, knowledge, expertise, and approach to my ‘The Healing Violin’ work. ‘The Healing Violin’ is a different process than playing concerts. It is not about the music. It is about what is needed by a person in the moment when ‘The Healing Violin’ is played. It is a process of experience and allowing oneself being reached by, and connected through, listening to music. My advanced education in concert violin studies and my master’s degree in instrumental pedagogy support me in reacting instantly to the needs of the person I play for – as these moments can change suddenly and unpredictable.

In my talks, I demonstrate with my violin what I do, and guide the audience through a first-hand experience exploring their own perception while listening to music. I also share my own process and usually conclude with a piece of music.

These talks usually last around 20-30 minutes.

Excitement right before and demonstrating during my very first talk in my hometown of Nahant, MA.